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Rose Wall Rentals


Meet Our Inventory

Rental Info:

*All walls are 8ft by 8ft in size.

*All walls are $150 each plus travel and setup.

*All walls rent by the day and not by the hour. The work is the same either way.

*Book at least 2 weeks in advance.

*Yes, you can purchase or rent Neon signs. If you have your own sign we suggest you hang it with fish wire that you can purchase from Walmart. 

*Yes the walls can be rented for outside events; but their is an extra fee for insurance purposes. Please let us know in advance if it is an outside event. We are not responsible if the wall fall because we can not control Mother Nature and her winds. So, we ask you to be certain of the weather.

*Yes, you can add balloons with your rental. Please mention in the quote sheet to get a customized quote.

*At this time our current inventory is below. If you would like to customize any wall below with added colors, email us at with details. All Customized orders need to be place at least 6 weeks in advance.

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