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Step 1:
Choose Location

You can either:

*Setup at your home (Self-Setup)

*get your own Airbnb or Vacation Rental unit

*Get your own Hotel

*We can arrange a hotel or Airbnb within your budget

Step 2:
Book Us

Click the link below to customize your room setup according to your occasion.

Let us know your option from Step 1. If we booked the room we will already have access but if you chose the other options; we will make sure to give you directions on how we can access your room.

The room will be setup before you arrive, according to your specific requirements.


Open the door and enjoy the ambience and your significant other.

Romantic Room Setup

Our staff at Exquisite Rose are experts in room decorating. We have over 5 years of experience and we only hire the best decorators with exceptional attention to detail. No matter what the occasion just give us a call and we will be able to help you. If you want to surprise your partner for a special night then let us do the work.


We offer the most creative, unique hotel package deals that cater to your every need. Let us plan everything down to the smallest detail. If you already have a hotel reservation, simply leave a key at the front desk with our name on it. You don't do anything but watch for our confirmation emails. We will handle all the special package arrangements to decorate your hotel room. Guarantee your room will be decorated on time or you keep everything and we refund 110% of your money. 

Step 3:


Q. What is Self-Setup?

A. With the home setup we will provide all of the supplies along with detail instructions on how to set up your romantic night with pictures.


Q. How far in advance do I need to book?

A. We will need at least a week to make sure we have everything in stock to set up your room.


Q. How long does it take to decorate a room?

A. It depends on what your order. Most room decorating can take up to 45 mins to a hour; while some may take a hour and 30 mins.

Q. Do we get to keep everything?

A. Yes you can keep everything.

Q.Do you clean up after?

A. We can for an additional $50 fee

Q. Do you use real flowers?

A. for rose petals we use silk faux rose petals, but for roses in vase, yes they are real roses.

Q. Do you use wax candles?

A. No we use battery operated candles for fire safety.

Q. How do you know the guest is 21 yrs or older for alcohol?

A. After we receive order with wine request we will ask for picture with your face and ID next to each other to verify.

Q. How do you get access to my room?

A. After we receive your order, we will email you for location and ask that you leave a room key at the front desk, meet up to get key to property, or ask that you provide code to get into Airbnb.

Q. How many rooms are decorated in price?

A. Normally it is one room and a bathroom that we decorate.

Q. Can I have an additional room decorated?

A. Yes, you can have more rooms decorated, just make sure to purchase an additional room setup without the extras.

If you have anymore questions you can email us at

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